Let's celebrate our educators just because. Bring a bite of happiness to educators.

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Can you guess what is the most common teacher appreciation gift?  Pencils… I think we can do better, don’t you? If you’re thinking teachers are worth so much more…then donate now. 
The truth is, you know teachers deserve a gift that reflects REAL appreciation. You were a student once and perhaps there is one teacher whose words are reflected in your parenting or even the drive behind your work ethic. 

Whatever that persistent memory, it’s worth more than a box of pencils. Take this opportunity to pay gratitude forward?

$21.50 sponsors one teacher

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Our Goal

The goal of our Just Because Campaign is to afford both customers and local businesses the opportunity to express gratitude for Paulding County Educators.  

A thoughtful gesture of thanks, with the finest gourmet cookies, is a memorable sentiment. 



Why a Mini Box of SG Cookies?
Because you should feel good about what you're giving

The truth is, fine people deserve fine ingredients. Therefore, it’s only fitting that our educators indulge in our gourmet cookies. 

 When your business takes the opportunity to make such a thoughtful gesture, it’s not fleeting on the community. 

Our teachers deserve an escape and you deserve community support. 

How to Give A bite of Happiness

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2. Email confirmation

Once your donation is submitted, you'll receive an email thanking you for your generous gift.

3. Gift delivery

When the campaign reaches its goal, the gift boxes will be delivered and your community thanks you.

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