Box of Chocolates, Mini Teddy Bear, A Dozen Red Roses...?


Let's Upgrade Your Gift -Giving With A Gift That Says WOW.

If your gift purchase doesn’t mean anything to you, it won’t mean anything to them. A gift,  especially on a special day, is a tangible expression of your thoughts. Let Sole’s Gourmet Cookies MIni Gift Box express thoughtfulness, love, and just WOW.


  Stop giving boring, flat, underwhelming gifts. Instead give a gift that makes you look REALLY good!  

Sole’s Gourmet Cookies will  upgrade your gift-giving  so your gesture can be etched in a joyful   memory.

Why We Get Stuck in UNDERWHELMING Gift-Giving

1.Too often we run out of time and get caught in the anything will have do

2. Sometimes we just don’t have the money and just want to give something

3.Valentines day is not a big deal  for you & you assume it’s the case for the gift recipient

Why Is The Valentine's Gift Box Your Answer?

Because Two Things Remain Irretrievable, Time and First impressions.
Let's Save Them Both.

"WOW" Begins in the Details.
Let's Break it Down...

1. A small inexpensive gift (16.00) that oozes stunning THOUGHTFULNESS

2. Cookies that are COMPLEX, chunky, and packed with AMAZING DELICIOUS MOIST flavor .

3. Simple, wholesome, natural, organic, and premium ingredients.

4. Our customers know what we stand for: You deserve fine ingredients. Our statement becomes your statement.

5. The WOW factors that create an experience from the very FIRST MOMENT you lay your eyes on our box!

holiday cookie gift box

Make Gift-Giving Effortless in Four EASY STEPS

        1. Sign up for your free delivery coupon 

2. Order cookies and add coupon at checkout

3. Write a thoughtful note

4. We’ll take care of everything else.  No worries, we make you look SOOOO GOOD! 

So What Do You Get For $16.00?

  1. Free delivery 
  2. Individually wrapped on a bed of Kraft crinkle paper
  3. A crisp white gift box
  4. A beautiful bow that delivers the 1st WOW
  5. One flavor of four cookies made from premium ingredients
  6. A beautiful handwritten note in the fine, smooth ink.

May no gift be too small to give, nor to simple to receive

which is wrapped in THOUGHTFLNESS and LOVE.