Happiness is receiving a small gift on an ordinary day.

The Gift Box

Gift giving can be stressful and this often leads to  thoughtless, uninspiring,  and fleeting gifts that miss the mark.  Give a gift that makes you look really good! Our Gift box is a beautiful and thoughtful arrangement  of our decadent cookies that will “WOW” you into SUPREME GIFT GIVER STATUS.  Just sayin… 

What Are My Gift Box Options?

A dozen of our decadent cookies.  Choose an arrangement of one, two, three, or four flavors.

Our Cookies: Chocolate Chip Walnut, Oatmeal Raisin, Double Chocolate Chip, White Chocolate Cranberry, and Mocha Chocolate Chip Pecan. 

holiday cookie gift box

How Do I Give Happy?

How to Get to A Honest bite of Happiness

1. Order Gift Box

Check email for order details.

2. Cookie Delivery

We'll deliver the goods with a smile.

3. Warm & Bite

Take the cookie to another level: WARM

4. Just Joy

Yep! Happiness in every single bite

Don't Forget to Note The Details

Placing an order is simple but love is in the details. On the checkout page be sure to not skip these steps:

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1. Fill Out The Note Section

Express your gratitude and bring a smile. No note? Then leave important order details in this section.

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2. Select a Delivery Date

Also leave in the note section delivery time and any significant details to ensure a smooth and happy delivery.

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3. Give 48 hours

Orders must be placed within 48 hours of delivery date to ensure your order is given the proper care.